Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A review of the view presented, and the feelings felt, evoked by Dr Hari Kumar Parameshwar’s The Pillar, Invisible

It is the pillar, invisible, that lends us form and stability…. Unwavering, it is….

It is the invisible that holds the key…as it is the invisible that makes itself known, through its various manifestations…and to render the invisible visible, we are in form—to acknowledge and realize the essentially formless that we are….

And this is what, Dr Hari Kumar Parameshwar, is back again, stating, in his riveting style, in, as and through his third novel: The Pillar, Invisible. Dealing with the subtleties, on the template of the gross, weaving the patterns through the multi-textured plot is his endearing and engrossing  uniqueness, presenting the strong message, yet again, affirming, what we see, without, is because of what all goes on within, in and as our consciousness, its level….

It is all in the mind…and when the mind realizes that it is not all that there is to life, and surrenders to all that actually is, it is healed, and healed is life, fulfilled….

The Pillar, Invisible is the search for that invisible pillar, the fourth pillar, which leads to the melding of the three pillars, the three main characters of the novel. And the search is, because of the disparity, apparent, the stark contrasts, displayed by these three, as also, because of the inexplicable, by conventional logic, the meteoric and sustained rise of the Tasara Group of Companies…

This novel, yet another novel presentation from Dr Hari, the novelty of his creativity and commitment to humanity verily palpable, so compassionately and passionately has presented the characters, the storytelling, as impeccable as it is always, the “cause,” as noble as it is always:  The essentiality of incorporating spirituality in the corporate world. Spirituality liberates one and all from judgmental attitude, and this is what is felt…all through…. Thus, at the end of the novel, none of the characters are found to be impeachable, each a manifestation of a particular guna, trait predominant. Further to it, the symbolism of the names is admired, awe, inspired, when realized…. Melded and welded, well, the balance of the three gunas is harmony, and this is reflected comprehensively by Tasara, wholistic and holistic its essence, approach, functioning and output, contributing comprehensively to the society constructively. It is the brainchild of the three main characters, birthing their “baby,” as they are birthed anew…finding themselves…and the way they are brought together upholds the mystical, surreal manner in which the grand design of life unfurls…in ways grander than the grandest of imagination could conjure, divine synchronicities dotting and bedecking the path…. The events, to begin with, might appear as sore spots, yet, healing cannot be without pain…the gain cannot be realized so long the loss is not felt… Drawn are together, thus, the characters, main, of this saga…the symbolism, inherent, not only in their names but in the very organization they birth—in real sense, well-organized.  It is the manifestation of, “as within so without,” the balance of the three gunas presenting the resultant, which could not have resulted by just one of them. And by doing so, it upholds yet another fact of life, the sojourn—the physical journey in, as and through forms physical—that we call life: It is as collective as individual it is, and to appreciate and realize the eternal, within us all, we are in form, moving through and transcending the ephemeral, while still in bodily form.

Guiding through this search, Dr Hari has gifted a simply breathtaking saga…. The pace, though might leave one breathless, one is never short on breath…asking for more and more, without any pause. It is a poignant and healing page-turner, both at the same time…Dr Hari yet again leaving the mark of his invisible essence, in his now-trademark style, verily visible, touching, and appreciated from the core of being.

The Pillar, Invisible resonates with the truth that the heart knows and mind grows, and then only knows, in sync with the heart, which resonates with the soul: it is the truth of a logic that transcends the conventional, the divine order and its perfection that is in full display, untiringly unfurling and affirming, the visible is because of the invisible eternal.

October 27, 2015